Rylatts is a small business on the Isle of Wight that specialises in handmade products and design. We embrace anything that is industrial and Rustic as these are our favorite areas to work with!

Contact: rylatts@hotmail.com


Island microgreens:

Island microgreens is a small island based company who’s dream is to supply local business and people with fresh nutritional produce all year round! We are currently in the planning stages and don’t have anything available to the public. But if all goes well we should be up and running within a month! Please feel free to contact below.

Contact: islandmicrogreens@hotmail.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Clair says:

    Hi, just stumbled across your website. I know it sounds cliche but I’m hosting a dinner party and really wanted some micro greens and have even contemplated growing my own as I couldn’t find any on the IOW. Where will you be stocking your product please. Many thanks Clair

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    • rylatts says:

      Hello Clair,

      Unfortunately I don’t have any in stock at the moment, we are only just starting up the business therefore aren’t growing the microgreens all the time.

      It’s going to be atleast a month before we officially start selling. When do you need the microgreens by?

      You can keep up to date with our business either on this website or our Facebook and Instagram page all of which are called IslandMicrogreens.



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